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RCO Systems, Inc. Security Solutions

Are you worried about the risks associated with losing data or having an electronic intrusion disrupt your systems?
Do you have data, information or applications on your network that require different levels of security?

If you answered "YES" to either of these questions, contact us now!

Network security starts with the "AIM" process. Our professional team will:

  • Assess Risks – We begin with the realization and acceptance that there are risks associated with technology: viruses, worms, malicious (ex-)employees, hackers, “freak” accidents and even “Mother Nature.” We’ll eliminate/avoid all we can, accept what we must, and develop a plan to control the rest.
  • Install Solutions – We install and configure the appropriate products to mitigate these vulnerabilities, including Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Firewall implementations, backup solutions, patch management, and anti-virus protection. These products from "best of breed" security vendors are bundled with RCO's expert services to provide a comprehensive multi-level security solution.
  • Monitor/Manage – With our newly released Security Event Manager for our Sentinel-IT service, we can seamlessly integrate, collect, correlate and report critical information from multiple security appliances and applications on a centralized “dashboard.” The Security Event Manager eliminates the need to manually analyze multiple security alerts and creates an even more robust security infrastructure that is automated for quick, reliable action. This new managed security system allows our professional engineers to take proactive action before network security can be compromised.
Poorly secured networks are hard to manage, while poorly managed networks are hard to secure!

There are many areas in a network that require security coverage, and an understanding of how these areas interact is required in order to provide a quality security solution. We provide best practices for installing, monitoring and maintaining the following areas:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Patch Monitoring and Management
  • Antivirus Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Backup and Disaster Planning/Business Continutity
  • Operating Systems Auditing
  • User Education

Following are "newsfeeds" of current security issues